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Next up, I acquired the head off a 94 940 turbo, which my IPD turbo cam will go in. I will be porting the head to increase flow. I have 960 tail lights also going on and I'm trying to track down some E-Codes for a reasonable price.

I've sourced an M90 in Romania but I need help finding someone willing to pull it and bring it to my contact so I can ship it to the states.

I also need adapters for the new wheels because they're 5x114.3, but I haven't measured center bore on the new wheels so I don't know exactly what size adapter to purchase.

From their sizing and backspacing, (+36) I can assume if I've calculated correctly, that 25mm adapters will be perfect in bringing out the wheels a little further than stock wheels sit.

Tire size has been the big debate, whether I should run 225/45/17 and risk rubbing but have a meatier tire or 215/45/17 and run more skinny tires. With the car lowered, I risk rubbing on the inside tire on one side because of the shifting that occurs when the car is lowered, requiring me to purchase an adjustable Rear Panhard bar to shift the car back to stock location but if I run 215's, I can get away with not getting the panhard but uneven tire wear over time.

Just some thoughts and questions I guess
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