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So I ordered a kit for the radio from Crutchfield with the adapter. After getting the kit open and comparing to the stock readio (which I didn't want to hack up) I noticed a few small differenced.

I tried to install the Crutchfield piece, but quickly realized it was going to require some trimming. Grabbed the closest thing handy (my tin snips) and went to cutting. just to give you an idea of the trimming that was needed-

While unhooking the stock radio, I noticed the dimmer wire coming from the left, but then there was a brown wire that drops down into the dash. Anyone know what this wire is for?

All in all, the piece looks ok. It will work for what I need it to do, and save me from having to butcher any of the stock interior pieces, especially the really clean radio.

I was also curious what people do for speakers? I noticed the only two in the whole car are two 4" front door speakers (And what looks like a spot for a 4x6 in the dash). I would really not like to put holes in the rear door cards if it can be avoided. What have other people come up with for their wagons?

I am pretty happy for now... still want to get an air setup made asap.

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