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**First and foremost, I am not affiliated with Justice Brothers, not even a dealer for them yet. We will see how their products do first.**

So we went out to SEMA this year and I met some of the guys from Justice Brothers, got to watch a few of their demos, and then discuss some product. A few of the things really intrigued me as far as the usefulness for my Volvo goes. So after contacting the company, a rep got hold of me at the shop and came by and dropped some stuff for me to try. So I figured I would post what I find about it. And if it makes a big difference, I will make a thread so others know.

I have been logging fuel mileage since I got the vehicle. And I document when I make changes to the car, or perform a service. This helps me see what makes changes to fuel consumption. I will post that stuff later when I get home. For now I will give you the first product description and my thoughts on it.

It is a three part system that is supposed to treat the injectors through the gas, treat deposits and build up in the engine through the oil, and treat the intake system and valve build up through an induction service. I have always heard induction services don't work that great, but it was free, so I am trying it haha

First thing you do is pour the 100 in the gas, then the 200 in the oil, and then I.V. Drip the 300 into a vacuum line. He said the drip would take about 45 minutes, it ran well over an hour for me. Maybe I should have sped the drip up, who knows. I did notice if the flow of the 300 was too heavy, the engine would bog down.

Now my reasons for doing this are simple. 1. I think my fuel mileage is low. 2. The engine just didn't seem to run smoothly. Could feel a slight miss and vibration at idle. 3. Throttle response was meh... now it is an n/a B230f, so it can't get too awesome.

So this is the kit I used-

This is the Drip System he loaned me. You set the drip with a little dial wherever you want it.

So after this was finished, I took it on a quick test drive. The first thing I noticed was the better throttle response. Not necessarily faster, but just smoother. The power also felt like it was delivered a little more smoothly all the way through the powerband. It is one of those things that's hard to put into words, but if you are in tune with how your car's drive, then you will notice the change.

The car does idle a lot smoother now. It still have a little hiccup here and there, think I may have a small vac leak somewhere I need to track down. But sitting at lights the car idles quiet and smooth. It's kind of nice

I haven't completely gotten the tank of gas through it since doing it, so I will post up more about the change in fuel mileage and see how it does. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I will do my best to answer.
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