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Had a very productive and successful weekend

Started this weekend with the goal of getting the car running. It's been sitting in the exact same spot and hasn't been started up since I crashed it in October, for fear of wrecking something in the engine and driveline. On the crushed subframe everything had been pushed back about a 3/4". Also the power steering lines were dry and I figured it wouldn't be good running the pump with no liquid.

Now that the new subframe was in and everything was back in place, I felt confident and ready. I had fuel stabilizer in the 9 month old fuel, power steering fluid topped up and also put in fresh oil and a new filter.

Mind you I still hadn't figured out my collapsed steering column, so I had no steering except by manually reaching down into the engine bay and turning it by hand. So there was no driving even if I had started it.

With the battery charged, I decided to go for it.
After a few failed attempts of the engine just turning over and not starting I realized I couldn't hear the fuel pump. Thankfully I have a bunch of spare relays so I tossed in a different fuel pump relay and... she started right up.

Here's a few clips of it running. Let me know if you think it sounds healthy. I feel like I may need to shim my valves.

I did noticed that on initial startup, it is idling extremely low, but gets up a little higher once warm
It was idling like this for a few minutes

Then was up to about 600rpm when it was more warmed up

Maybe need to adjust the distributor?

After getting it running, I was anxious to drive it so I set about figuring out a way to fix my Steering column. This turned out to be pretty easy. I took a piece of 5/16" steel rod, put it down the top of the column and hammered away. Believe or not, this did a very good job of extending the telescoping part of the column and getting it reattached to the rack

Got the Steering wheel assembly all reassembled and was finally able to dive it for the first time in 9 months. Mind you I didn't leave my driveway.... But I drove it! Now all I need to get it back on the road, is an alignment and an emissions test(Thinking I'll take off the MBC for that).

Oh yeah!
I put my new wheels on.. and I think they look awesome

They fit perfectly flush

A very happy day
This project went from being at a point were I wasn't sure I would ever get it back up and running on Friday to Essentially having it road worthy on Saturday.
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