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Um, still TALKING about MS?? It's been on MS for several years now, for fuel anyway. Haven't gotten it up on spark yet, which is in the plan...when life settles down and I can actually spend some time on this car again.

One of these days I'll get my writeup on doing the caliper upgrade. Reason for going with the Girling's from a 240 is they have a better feel than the ATE's that the 164's use. Also keeps the same piston size as the stock girling calipers that were on my car, so the master cylinder sizing is perfect for the swap. As for what's involved, there's some LIGHT trimming on the caliper, drilling the holes out slightly, and adapting the lines. Took me MAYBE a day to get the swap done, with basic hand tools.

The Celica trans is a W50, from the mid-70's Celica's, and it was also used with a different shift tower in some of the trucks. If I were to do it again, I'd go with a T5 in a heartbeat.

I know a lot of you knew I've had the car for a while, but not many have heard the FULL history of the car. Not too many people still have their first car, let alone one in this kinda condition. I NEVER intended for something like this for the outcome of the car, though I also never really had a final goal for the car.
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