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So after MANY years of the 140 being neglected in terms of tuning, playing, etc. I've finally gotten the bug again. It still needs a clutch BADLY (open to donations of a clutch to hold 300hp....if anyone is feeling generous).

Played around with MS to brush up on it before tuning the wagon and another local's car in a year or so. Flashed to hi-res 11d code, reset some parameters to scale things better, and low and behold it's alive! I've switched to tunerstudio and won't go back to megatune either. FAR better autotune function, more capable and user-friendly.

As for the car, with the BASIC tune power is up. I played with it a bunch before flashing to hires, haven't driven on hires yet, but in the garage it's far happier. It'll idle in the mid-12-low-13 AFR range instead of mid-11's, response is wicked, and it's smooth. Working on cold-starts now, made some progress there as well.

Also swapped to a vacuum-sensing FPR. If you've got a late t-jet style with the FPR on the rail, grab one from a 76 280Z. It drops right in and gives you a vacuum sense as well. Gotta see how that helps out on tuning. Hopefully this weekend I'll get the walbro swapped in as well plus get rid of the fuel accumulator, the noisy bosch pump, and have things a bit more streamlined. I did manage to clean things up a touch while I was under the hood as well, in terms of hose routing. I may even ditch the hose from the breather box to intake and put a filter on the box itself, which should lend to an even cleaner engine bay.

It's nice to be playing with the old friend again while I'm waiting on parts for the wagon. I just feel so at home in it.

And....I may have someone coming to scheme up an idea or three for a steering rack.....
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