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Well, been messing with it quite a bit lately. Slowly working the bugs out of the MS tune, realizing how it was initially set up was, well, not quite optimal. Still on fuel only, for now, though I have a prototype CAS adapter sitting on the workbench when I get a few minutes to test-fit it, then wire it and all that jazz, and run coil packs!

In the meantime though, just got done tuning it after a recent realization that WUE was still enabled at operating temp, so the maps were skewed. Trimmed that, tweaked the AFR tables, set to bombing around the hood a little and found it's a torquey little beast now! 1st thru 3rd will make the rear end squat nicely, it pulls STRONG from about 1500 to around 4k, which is just past where the timing stops, though it'll still wind past it without too much issue. Needs more than the stock timing curve of the smog dizzy though. For just being on fuel though, I've picked up a LOT of grunt. Got the overrun fuel cut setup and running seamlessly, accel enrichment is about 90% there and seamless as well, idle AFR's are trimmed. Gotta do another road trip and see what the mileage is, but prior to some additional fuel trimming I got 280 miles on 3/4 of a tank, which ain't too 75mph spinning 3800rpm!
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