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Originally Posted by Hen View Post
No speed signal is no problem for LH2.4 (you lose overrun fuel cut, but I drove without it for a year or so and never noticed the difference). And there are ways to get the crank signal required. So 2.4 could be a possibility.

Also why the need to tune 2.2 when using it on a smaller motor? It has an airflow meter, and given the smaller engine creates less airflow there will be less fuel injected. With stock injectors and stock fuel pressure you should be running pretty well. From what I've heard getting good ignition timing is often a trickier business.
Ok - good to know the speed signal missing doesn't affect drivability. The reason for tuning is simply to recalibrate for the lower fuel requirements. Bimmer users has stared that they had to pretty much lean out the MAF to the maximum lean to get it right - and that is for a larger displacement motor than mine. I would rather not be in a position where I have no where to go in terms of adjustment. I'm hoping that it will be offset by simply using lower flow injectors.

On that note, have people used later composite body high impedance injectors (like those used for whiteblocks, mustangs, etc) instead of the original style Bosch?

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