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Originally Posted by lookforjoe View Post
Ok - good to know the speed signal missing doesn't affect drivability. The reason for tuning is simply to recalibrate for the lower fuel requirements. Bimmer users has stared that they had to pretty much lean out the MAF to the maximum lean to get it right - and that is for a larger displacement motor than mine. I would rather not be in a position where I have no where to go in terms of adjustment. I'm hoping that it will be offset by simply using lower flow injectors.

On that note, have people used later composite body high impedance injectors (like those used for whiteblocks, mustangs, etc) instead of the original style Bosch?
When the BMW chaps are talking about this, are they also talking about LH 2.2?

And isn't the very first and most basic thing to do with LH 2.2 is adjust it per these instructions....

In the above article, they were adjusted to compensate for the larger injectors. Is this the method the BMW guys are using, if they are talking about 2.2.

This isn't to take away from tuning, but shouldn't this be a first step?
For all you Dijkstra fanboys:

Knuth also cites a letter sent to him by Dijkstra, in which the latter adds some nuance to this earlier statements: "Please don't fall into the trap of believing that I am terribly dogmatical about [the go to statement]. I have the uncomfortable feeling that others are making a religion out of it, as if the conceptual problems of programming could be solved by a single trick, by a simple form of coding discipline!"
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