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Again thanks for the positive feedback guys!

@MrKrabs, hope you were able to pull a few prime parts from your car before the insurance hauled it off, bet your girl would have fun ripping out the parts like mine does!

@DET17, one of my next mods is to install a paper cone filter like what I posted in your build thread. Stealth mode of course... But I'm not into making things inconspicuous to hide it from the governing powers (I have several pages in my vehicle registration documenting all the mods), I just really like driving a sleeper that looks the part inside and out. If I ever put a vinyl sticker across the windshield, it'd be "Stilla vatten kör djupa", in a punk-rock glitter foil!

Will keep tabs on your build, hope you don't have any hiccups getting LH to learn.

And for the record, I didn't build a hybrid, just a 60 trim T3, nothing special here
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Try to recreate and see what happens, our crystall ball servers are currrently down.
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