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I put a Simons 2" sport exhaust on my '72 142 last year and like it a lot. I tend to favor SKANDIX over VP Autoparts due to their great customer service and spectacular shipping speed (either are reliable though). Hard to make a comparison to the stock system in terms of sound quality since the old one I replaced was rusty and had some holes in it. That said, the sound has a nice rumble on idle and there is zero drone at any speed. I chopped off the odd curly portion of the tailpipe, leaving the straight-out portion that I then added a chrome tip to. Interestingly, the sound level increased somewhat and sounds a bit more aggressive on acceleration when I made that change -- apparently that curly tailpipe section contributes pretty significantly to quietness. Since my intentions are for a sporty character, this works well for me. After a complete engine rebuild this spring, I added the Simons 4-1 header that bolts right up to the 2" exhaust with a Simons 140-specific adapter pipe. The effect of adding the header was huge -- much more aggressive sound on acceleration and really makes driving more fun. Definitely recommend.

Incidentally, due to a redundant order from another vendor, I have an extra adapter pipe that mates the Simons 4-1 header to the 2" sport exhaust. PM me if interested.
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