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So, spent 2 hours on the car this morning, and did the following in order:
-Pulled the cap and rotor to inspect. Cap had ZERO center contact left in it. Replaced both with Bosch.
-Adjusted valves while cold to .018".
-Started the car, still ran like dog ****. Decided to check timing and it was fine (~11deg BTDC).
-Removed/inspected points- bearing/wear block was severely worn, so I replaced with new Bosch points.
-Went to start, and wouldn't start. Re-verified points gap, went to check timing, and discovered that the timing had moved over 40 degrees advanced!
-Re-set timing, car ran miles better, still had a lean pop and somewhat unresponsive rear carb. Ran both jets all the way to max rich, and the car ran far better.
-Took the car for the first uneventful test drive, and it has 10x the power compared to before. I am going to lean it a 1/2 turn each as there is still some occasional exhaust backfiring/popping and continue to tweak/tune.

Joey and I are going to gear up and go for a ~100 mile drive to really test on it. Also, I went to the gas station and checked the tire pressures, to discover 38 PSI in the fronts and rears . Volvo calls for 27/30 front/rear and I put in 28 all around, and the car feels much more planted. I used 5th gear for the first time, and I LOVE the .80 overdrive. Still pulls well even at 60mph and keeps it quieter.

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