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Long time no update, just been enjoying a worry free daily driver life at the wheel (most of the time).

But as is with all things getting 30+ years old, things deteriorate and entropy starts gaining ground. So back on the offensive!!!!

Had an annoying problem that I coudn't figure out for the life of me... About 50% of the time when I was out and about running errands I'd get into the car, drive off and notice a high idle around 1,000 rpms at the next red light. I'd then turn off the car and start it back up to have a nice solid idle at 750 rpms for the rest of the drive. ECU and EZK only showed 1-1-1. The Turbobrick swarm intelligence got me to investigate the vehicle speed signal going to the ECU.

Hmmmm, so I took out the instrument panel to begin checking the VSS wire to the ECU and then proceeded to get to the ECU harness when I saw this underneath my floormat...

Took off the harness...

Flipping moisture inside the connector coming from somewhere. Pretty aggravating since I just had the ECU out not long ago to test some other brain boxes for eBay sales.

At any rate, the carpet was wet, but not sour, so it hadn't been there long. It hadn't been raining much, but I also had been running the defroster a few days in a row which means it could have been A/C water. So cleaned the A/C drain with a wire and compressed air, took out the blower motor resistor pack and vacumed out a small stash of leaves, cleaned the ECU pins, cleaned the harness (BTW solid signal between the instrument panel and the harnes), ripped up the carpet and soaked up as much as I could with some towels and propped it up to continue drying.

Drove home and the motor seemed fine for the moment, but since it'd been an intermittent problem, it could still have been there.


A few days later I got back to the garage to take care of the water... Removed the cowl, removed the windshield wipers and the shield to be able to check out everything real well.

The air intake shield was still well glued, but I did find a crack in the cardboard layer that turned into a hole.

Filled it wil silicone, treated the space with a layer of sealant and voilá, no more leaks. Other than that I wasn't able to find anything else suspicious, so guess that's solved.


BTW the car runs fantastic! So the corrosion on the pins was indeed the culprit.


While I was there I looked around for corrosion and found a few spots that were wanting to become a problem in a few years.

So after cleaning it up I treated everything with rust primer which then cured into a good layer of epoxy.

While I was there I also renewed the ground and the connector to the windshield wiper motor to breath new life into its otherwise lethargic movements.
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