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On this 240 both sides feed from fuse 13, 16 amps. The indicator bulb on the passenger-side was coming on when the switch was pushed, and the driver's-side quit coming on a couple of weeks ago. Both switches looked exceptionally clean so I didn't bother taking them apart. Assuming the passenger-side switch was good (bulb lit), I put it on the driver's side. Still no rumpus warmth. Slid the seat forward and cut into the red and the black insulation on the wires underneath, to read 12 dc volts.

I am done until warmer weather, when I'll start to wonder how easy it is to take out the seats. "It's just four bolts" is encouraging, but somehow working in a cold garage-- which I have to drive to, forty miles away, otherwise having just a parking space outside my apartment-- for any number of hours to make the seat-warmer heat for a couple of months, until spring, doesn't cut the mustard. Guess it's not that important to me, but I'm glad to have done some trouble-shooting.

I'll still put a voltmeter on the switches to be sure. But looks like something in the seat grid: thermostat, best bet.

Thanks, everyone.
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