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We'll if the program is on that 68701 40 pin cpu chip then what I'd do is desolder it out of the board and read it with my willem and I got the optional 40 dip pin socket board for it. It's what I use to program up the lh2.2 EZK boxes. They have similar 40 pin dip cpu memory chip. Yes they are hard to program successfully. I even had to modify my 40 pin dip adapter so it would then work. I use windows XP machine and turn off printer spooling and a willem with parallel port and external power supply. There is no way one of those USB powered cheapo programmers would work on these old chips. Then I'd put 40 pin dip socket in and program up a new modified chip and do it that way. I wouldn't waste my time trying to figure out how to add another socket and memory chip like in that pic, mainly because I can program those old 40 pin dip ECU ram chips.

Here is that lh2.2 EZK developement thread with details on the 40 pin dip programmer and adapter and how to modify it to get it to work.
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