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After a few years from my last post a lot have changed personally. My last job I had back in 2015 closed down and was something that was bound to happen that last 6 month I worked there. While still
employed I made the jump and purchased my own CNC machines. The last two years I've worked on other projects car and non car related. The GT has been sitting the same spot for a number of years. I decided to pull the car in a do some actual progress. I ripped the entire interior out and the carpet. I know the sunroof leaks, I wasn't sure if it caused damaged from water sitting inside the car from the years sitting. Some surface rust under the carpet and some holes in the floor on the passenger side at the drain plug. I already ordered a passenger floor pan. I already DA the car but going to stripped the car completely. I'm going to take all the panels that can be removed to be soda or walnut basted.

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