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Originally Posted by cleanflametrap View Post
Two major issues I've found. One, the wire in the door jamb gets worked back and forth so much most of the conductor strands are broken, so it can't carry the current needed to operate the actuator. Not as likely in a rear door for most folks.

Two, the rubber boot dries out and breaks allowing water into the actuator. Needs a good clean out and ideally, a new boot. Where do you get those? Got me. Maybe others know where to get new actuators. I still have a spare or two from when the yards were full of these things.

Like kyote, I also recommend keyless entry, because the wiring to the button and key switch falls apart, and because beep-beep. They are inexpensive and easy to add

That would make the wife happy, lol. She's upset it doesn't have keyless entry. lol
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