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Making Volvo Parts Fit
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More front end work needed - probably due to the accident, the r/f wheel bearing has play - makes for a very nasty crunchy feel to the steering & twitchy handling

press out hub

remove some bits, press out bearing

uses two v-ring seals similar to 240 -

new bearing going in

using a (Volvo) carrier bearing (32008x) race to finish pressing

reinstall the various seal plates & retainers, Torque spindle to 160ft/lb, done

Also found the left upper strut mount has deformed - which will mess with the camber, so I modded the Coil overs I made to take Ford Focus top mounts - still using the Kaplhenke 2.5" (Luxe Steer) spring seat from my V70 coilover setup & Volvo 700 pivot bearing (3530341)


replaces all this

just had to shave the ridges off the bearing to allow it to sit flush on the back of the strut mount

much cleaner

just have to redrill the top plate for the new mount

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