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Making Volvo Parts Fit
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Got a K20Z3 (RBC-1) head - better flow than the RBB I have now. It is all nicely cleaned, decked & valve seats recut. Keeping the TSX cams & RBC gear limited to 40. I'll swap it out when I drop the drivetrain to deal with the currently leaking HG, and install the 4:00 R&P.

Car went back to the bodyshop this week to fix a few small things that just weren't right. All good now.

Worked on the tape stripes and decals whilst the temps are still in the 60's - I cut the decals from 3M 1080 film - easier to deal with than old school vinyl for sure

Used a 3mm gold strip to even out the (hand) cut edge

S40 rear bumper cover worked out great for the spoiler :D


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