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I promised myself that I would spend 2 Sundays a month working on the old project until it's running... Let's see how long that promise lasts.

I'm a month into my resolution and making some good progress. I do spend a fair bit of time figuring, calculating, measuring, and shopping in between sessions. I have no idea what I'm doing with this chassis stuff other than what I can read from some websites and books. I'm learning and doing as I go.

Pictures here are from the last month.

I finally got the rear frame rails completely installed and welded to the rear bumper area. Happily the body of the car came out straight, and the trunk still opens and closes like it always did. Also, the chromoly 4 links are now built minus a panhard bar. That item is on the list for this upcoming weekend.

Here are the coilover shocks bolted in and upper mounts built. Also the car is sitting on the ground for the first time in years!. It was nice to be able to roll the car around to clean the spider webs and sweep the floor underneath.

At this point, I stepped back and got a look at things. And I'm not 100% happy with the shock mounts I built. I would like to move the entire shock package upwards away from the ground. My thinking is with a flat tire I could be scraping the shock and lower mounts on the ground. That seems dangerous in the event of a flat tire. So I might move the top brackets inboard of the frame rails before I'm done here. But it's good for holding the car up now.

Shifting gears for some easier stuff to do midweek when I don't have any help. I started trying to find all the bolts, gaskets, and parts for the motor I so carefully packed away 3 years ago.

Applying some silicone goop to the oil pan flange and installing the B18 oil pan.

I dusted off the cylinder head I assembled a couple years ago and bolted it down with fresh torque to yield bolts and an Elring gasket. The head has some big valves installed and some minor port work in the bowl areas. The camshaft is an RSI stage 3. A local shop SCH Racing Heads did the head work for me.

That is all for now.
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