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Making Volvo Parts Fit
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Originally Posted by lookforjoe View Post
Forgot - I also did this to my C30 over the summer

This past summer I added a VW - based Haldex controller - had to use a VW Gen2 DEM for it to interface.

had to make a harness that would interface with the module/factory wiring

installed in pass rear seat well

VW DEM replacing the Volvo unit

Uses a BT app on my phone

After much back & forth through mechanical and software issues, I now have full control over the AWD torque split - I can go from 50/50 down to 90/10

They are developing a version that will work with the Volvo DEM, now that I have worked with him on extracting all the Volvo CAN inputs needed for brake, steering angle, reverse, speed, etc.

using CAN Analyzer to figure out the inputs

With the CAN inputs working, I can set the parameters for disengagement when parking, turning corners at low speed, etc., that will normally cause axle bind with a locked diff.

Very happy it is figured out before the winter weather begins in ernest!

Put a Quaife QDF 11J in a spare rear diff I bought, so that can go in now I know the AWD is fully functional


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