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Today I started putting the engine back together - first I had to fit the KTuned elbow on the head, which required drilling & tapping an M6 hole, and tapping the EGR port off #4 to block that from the water housing (using 1/4" NPT plug)

OEM head gasket this time, no more DNJ

head positioned on the dowels at each end

head torqued to spec in 3 stages, 29ft/lb, 90, 90. I reused the head bolts - no stretching on any of them checked as per the shop manual

Assembled the valve train & cams, (sealant applied to back edge of carrier that falls outside back of head)

Cam timing verified prior to installing the tensioner

marked chain links used to locate reference dots on cams & crank gear

Timing cover & mating surfaces all prepped, so tomorrow I can get the rest of it back together, then I'll pull the transaxle & install the 4.00:1 ring & pinion

My XR July2013 - 446AWHP @ 8K rpm Feedback Thread
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