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Finished assembling the motor - front cover installed, crank pulley torqued, valves adjusted

pulled the transaxle


stripped the countershaft & transferred to new countershaft - each gear has to be pressed in turn

New shaft has a different size OD - needs a 35mm ID bearing vs. the 40mm original

retaining bolt torqued to 87ft/lb

chopped up a C30 shifter to use

heated and shaped the lever to dogleg it over to the left - so it will be centered in the console. C30 shift knob has the correct shift pattern to match the TSX 6 speed.

Back when I had to mod the AST5 casing to take the RSX shift assembly -

The problem with that is the RSX assembly flange sits directly on top of the old bolt hole at the right in the pic. It's been seeping fluid for the past 600 miles, so I figured I should try to rectify that whilst the case is apart.

I cleaned & filled the old passages with JB Weld - I'll sand & plane them to make a seamless seat for the shaft assy

I also installed the 4.00:1 ring gear on the mFactory LSD today - bolts torqued to 89ft/lb


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