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Making Volvo Parts Fit
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Modified the Console to fit the Volvo P1 shift boot

Got all the EMS kit back in the trunk, I have the engine running. I still have the problem with the coolant temp running well over 190 before the thermostat opens, by then it doesn't come back down to normal op, even with the fan cycling. What I surmise, is that with the T/stat housing extension I had to make to fit the t/stat where it makes sense for my layout, the (stock 180) T/stat doesn't get up to temp until the head temp is around 210. The extension is dropping the coolant temp at least 20 at the t/stat.

extension connects to water housing, expansion tank (top) heater return (bottom)

going through spares I have - looking for 160 or 170

ended up buying a 13376 (Stant 160) - drilled a bleed hole & reduced the OD of the bypass shut off to clear the housing base.

since these are 54mm vs. 56mm of the original Volvo units, I needed a spacer seal to make up the 7mm seal height needed for the P1 t/stat housing cover

With the 160 t/stat installed, I now have head temps at the water outlet housing of 184F, and the rad fan cycles at 190, right where it's supposed to.

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