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Originally Posted by nosajnil View Post
how can you make one that's adjustable from inside the cabin?
what would be the theory and complication of making such device?
1. Run the MBC inside the cabin by using really long hoses. That would probably hurt performance.

2. Make a really long flexible metal shaft that runs through the firewall and let you turn the mbc adjustment screw from inside. This would probably be pretty difficult.

3. Mount a slow turning motors shaft to the screw of the mbc and use a switch to control the motor. I have actually tried this. It would work if you can bond the adjustment screw to the motors shaft securely. Glue wont work, you need to weld it. You still risk backing the screw all the way out if you adjust too far.

4. Get EBC or buy a MS1 box+GMC boost control solenoid and try to wire up just the EBC portion of it. EBC is the simplest and most effective way of controlling boost from the cabin that I know of. It's also much nicer to use than a mbc. I have nothing but praise for the ms1 box+GMC boost solenoid setup.
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