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QUIT SUGGESTING THIS!! You are going to get some idiot to try it and they are going to blow their engine apart. A MBC is quite cheap. If you don't do it right in the first place, don't do it. Yeah, I know its like the Turbo+ system. Its still STUPID!

Originally Posted by MrT_VolvoDestroyer View Post
You know what's nearly free, takes about 2mins to make and also works?!?!?


1> 1 y-shaped OR t-shaped piece of plastic tubing, correct size for hosing to squeeze over
2> 3 pieces of hose
3> Mini clamp with bolts either side


fit hose to all three parts of y-shaped plastic
run one bit of hose to turbo
run one bit to the actuator
place clamp over 'open' end of hose
Adjust clamp to fuel cut or spark blow out

Thrash car around till you can afford proper MBC

Result - pikey Boost Control
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