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hey just a word of advice. 28 psi = Fail (motor goes pop gearbox falls to pieces and clutch brakes into many, many pieces kinda fail)

I think anything above 16 psi= fail without spending on stage 0. (hoses pop off, things go wrong, and 1st-2nd gear makes rattles, clutch discentigrates if you're pulling 2ms gear changes, etc)

Really can't recommend going beyond 15 / 16 psi, especially as you wont spend dollar on something simple like mbc :p
Thanks. Ta ta!

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Sometimes, you gotta knock a bitch out.
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Mcleod makes an awesome twin disc. It will help you find the weak parts in your drivetrain
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man i wish i had some cash.
id be on this like stickers on a civic
P.S. Boost is for life, not just for clickety clickety BOOM

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