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Originally Posted by Volvolcano View Post
One could have two or more MBCs in place, set at different boost levels, plumbed in parallel with each other.

Plumb a 12-volt solenoid valve in-line on each one.

Have switches in the cabin that turn on the different solenoid valves/MBCs.

Kinda clunky -- you're still only hitting set levels, not fully adjustable -- but plenty cheap enough to do (the Turbobricks way )
I ran this setup for a while with a pair of g-valve boost controllers. It's fairly simple using a dodge 12v vacuum solenoid valve. 2$ with pic-and-pull pocket discount +10$ at Grainger to make 2 G-valves.

hey just a word of advice. 28 psi = Fail (motor goes pop
^ that's why I don't run the 2 boost controllers anymore, I had one at 15 psi and the other at 25... there was a lot of ping ping ping, boom! one night.
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