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Originally Posted by gsellstr View Post
Seriously Harald. That date hasn't been released, we are still in the planning stages, nothing has been confirmed but that is our tentative date. Please remove from your post ASAP until we have things in place to make sure the date is solid. I don't want to hear of people having a room booked, then finding out we have to change the date for some reason.

That being said, my reservation can be changed at any point, so you're gonna have to hang out with me, gary

Originally Posted by pinguin View Post
Abortion is an issue I'm really torn on. I mean, I'm all for killing babies, but I don't believe women should have a choice.
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I experimented with some of my closer guy friends, one time. It was kinda nice, but it made things a little awkward when all of our girlfriends were together with us.
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