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Somewhere around '93 they made a change on the transmissions as I know that there is a change in the output shaft seals from say, a '90 model and a '94.

I was under the impression that the AW-72L transmissions only came in the 16-valve cars that were made between '89 and '91.

Kenny would know more about this, but from what I know, the guts are the major difference between a 70, '71 and a '72.
And you are correct. The AW-72L came in the 16 valve cars. The 1992 and newer NA 940s came with lock up converters. The 1992 version will work for your conversion. It is actually an AW-70L. The 1993 and newer AW-71L is much stronger, however, it runs a larger diameter output shaft and cannot be retrofitted to the earlier style cable drive speedo tail housing as said above. If you can find one, the AW-72L has the old style output shaft and can also be retrofitted.
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