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Originally Posted by VB242 View Post
After a lengthy conversation with John V last night, I'm going to take it all apart and check the bearings, pistons and CC the head to see what the actual c/r is. He said he might have some turbo pistons for it, if not I might open up the head and/or get a thick cometic to reduce the c/r.
I think my fellow dino Redwoord chair was posting in the wrong place ---the lost squirter thread about "oh dear 10,3 compression to which I answered :

A guy could deck the block till pistons were flush OR say 0,1mm aka .004" out, then unshroud the valves by enlarging the short ends of the combsution chamber to lower static compression thereby killing two birds with one stone: better flow around the valves on the short side and somewhat less scary compression.....

I go back out in the garage and I dig thru all the pistons in boxes and see if i have 4 STD bore B23 turdboat pistons that have any life left in 'em... If I do then the guy could deck block for the desired "zero deck +0,1" and a little unshrouding for maybe a nice 8:1 comp which means he can give it some boost and an OK ignition curve on the yummie 91 okt soup he says is the best there is locally.,...

Guess I better wander back out there...
Tune in tomorrow, same bat channel, same bat station..

OK went out and check and looks like any B23T pistons got re-cycled... Found some B21 flat tops and 1 B21T piston...So

As regards flywheel I'm going thru the stack now..gonna find that OLD B21t pressureplate to confirm 100%

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