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Originally Posted by hiperfauto View Post
Too bad your car isn't a '73-'74. I have 3 NOS steering boxes.

If the steering box is in good shape it will do what you described. Adjusting the screw will move the pitman shaft up and down which determines how much free play there is. This adjustment must be done with the wheels pointed straight and with the front wheels off the ground so you can turn the wheel and feel any binding through the center point. If the bushings and bearings are in good shape, the roller on the pitman shaft will bind against the worm gear and prevent the adjusting screw from going all the way in. When the parts are worn, the roller will be able to go past the center on the worm gear and you'll never be able to properly adjust the box.
Okay that makes complete sense. Considering it's stopping with quite a few threads left, it sounds like there's a good chance something is wrong somewhere else. I'll hunt around some more, and also try to adjust it with the wheels off the ground. Thus far I've been doing the adjustment with wheels straight forward on the ground.
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