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Originally Posted by Joe_Diesel View Post
how much power do they make after you convert them? Is it worth all the trouble to turbo the stock motor for the power levels?
Figure 7 to 10 hp per positive PSI boost. (stock is 7ish, easy to go to 10ish)

Go find a stock 740 or 940 turbo. A conversion will be very similar with the +T being possibly a little more responsive off the line due to the slightly higher compression.

If you spend 20 minutes going thru the builds you'll find that there are a lot of conversions from n/a to turbo, so I'd say yes it is worth it. Some people keep them at stock levels, others go for bigger boost numbers and others just toss it all and go the V8 route.

Define worth? People spend hundreds of dollars and time on upgrades that might only net 10hp. Each person is different on how they value their time and money.
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