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Originally Posted by hiperfauto View Post
The greenbook says to "drive with the overdrive engaged and then disengaged with the clutch pedal depressed. This is important in order to avoid torsional tensions in the shaft between the planet carrier and one-way clutch". I've found that a quick clutch kick in reverse with the brakes applied releases the death grip on the splines.
I let them spin down, or use the pressure port and grease gun with the solenoid energized, though if it has a bad enough hydraulic problem, this might not work, and/or kill/clutch kick them in reverse a couple times.

Sometimes the last choice is the only easy choice and all you can really do.

I found the instructions kind of comical and quintessentially british, since half the reason the british POS is coming off in the first place is that it doesn't engage!

Never drop the trans good god, greasy and gross as it is, it's MUCH less time to remove the OD only.

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Originally Posted by JohnMc View Post
If you send me $20$14.99, I'll send you a how-to explaining how to make $20$14.99 from people on the internet.

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