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I will eventually convert to something, but I doubt it will be factory fuel injection, heh ;). I'm one of those tuning-obsessed freaks that tend to ruin perfectly good cars by turning them into long-term, immobile projects. I'm really trying to change, because I looooooooooooove driving this slow yellow brick. I'll be picking up a wideband in a little bit, so I can see exactly what my fueling curve looks like, and I'll go from there. I'd prefer to keep it carbed, but right now I'm getting absolutely dismal fuel economy. I think I'll be lucky to hit 14L/100km with the engine the way it is now...and it's depressing, lol.

I'm pretty sure the 3-speed auto and overworked single carb are a bad combo, so if I can find a cheap AW70 (or ideally, a 71L for the lockup and eventual boost), I'm going to convert. I'd LOVE to go to a GM box, but there's no info on using the 4L60E with any of the adapter plate setups, and I'm not interested in the path less travelled right now. I need a break, haha.
1984 B6304S/AW30-40 w/Poi-Shift.
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