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Default Anybody know clutch disc thickness for KEP Stage 2?

I know maybe a long shot but...

Wondering if anyone knows the clutch disc thickness for the Kennedy Engineering Stage 2 Pressure Plates.

Reason I ask is... I ended up with 2 clutch discs. One is the Sachs one from t-bird (I'm T5 now) which is what the masses had used iirc but it's too large (diameter) by a mm or 2 when using John's spacers. So I snagged some other random t-bird disc and it fits fine, but was thicker by about a washer. So... thinking I was clever, I added a washer to the pressure plate standoffs.

Everything is working great and I'm BARELY 100 miles into it, but when boost hits it slips a bit. I suspect I shouldn't have shimmed.

Le sigh.
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