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Max cost below $54.93. Surly, anyone with the need for and interest in assembling such a tool will have the at least some of the items in their junk box or available at their local JY or Lowes. The gauge and valve are all you have to order on line.

Gauge - $8.82

Valve - $9.44

8mm x 1/4" banjo fitting - $6.90

10mm x 1/4" banjo fitting - $7.48

Post on the WANTED Thread for a hose from the distributor to the WUR.

4 - 1/4" fuel injector hose clamps $6.29 Check HF

4 ft 1/4" high pressure fuel injector hose - Local auto parts store $12

Brass 1/4" barb x 1/8" female x 1/4" barb fitting $4.00 (Lowes)

Duct tape
Zip tie
Coat hanger
JB Weld

Total $54.93

You sorta have to buy the valve and gauge.

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