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That seems consistent with what I'm experiencing. It starts up in one revolution, will rev like there's no problem for about 15 seconds and then it's acting like there's no fuel. It pops a bit. I wish I had a wideband to see it in real time, I can see the intake cobra pop up as if it's frontfiring which would also indicate that it's lean. After it's initially warmed up, in runs decent. I notice some weird jumps in power in first - It's not smooth at all, it's like there's nothing then EVERYTHING and its at 5k, and I have to shift. Other gears it's perfectly fine.

I'm about to completely part out an 84 242T, so I'll have spare bits and parts to swap about. Ordered the pressure test kit, and talking to the guy about getting the right length lines made to permanently install a gauge for future troubleshooting.
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