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A small update to keep the next post from being too much of a novel. Got the engine bay cleaned up, new spark plugs and wires in, and finished replacing the top end seals that needed it after the scrubdown (valve cover/front cam seal/distributor seal).


After 3 rounds of ZEP purple degreaser concentrate:

Not perfect, but at least we can see red again.

Also finished pulling the old wiring harness out of the engine bay- found this gem of a "repair" on the oil pressure sender.

I'm no scientist, but I'm pretty sure that copper is supposed to stay inside the insulation. I initially thought it was the stock wiring failing (which we already knew about), so for ****s and giggles I followed the wire path from the sender around the front of the motor and found that someone had spliced in a new section at some point.

I don't particularly care for this routing considering how close it comes to the drive pulleys and how susceptible that area is to leaks,and it bore out here- the whole length of the repair was oil soaked, crumbling, pinched in the edges of the hangers etc. I'll figure out soon if I want to keep the stock routing, but at this point I doubt it.

Also, I cleaned and fed the leather-

The driver's seat might need a more intensive conditioning, but the hides are now softer and look pretty nice after the cleaning.

At that point I fell down the rabbit hole of small engine repair when our 25 year old B&S mower decided it would mow no more, so garage time has been devoted to that.

I hope to put the Jurbo back together this week and get back to enjoying the thing while it's still nice out, barring any further interruptions from our household machines.
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