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Originally Posted by JW240 View Post
Maybe here some useful info.
Its in German but one of the better tests. You can easily see per product what it does. Teil 1 2 3 on the bottom of the page leads you to the 1st 2nd 3rd tests, each a few years later down the road.

Bear in mind that relatively fresh sheet metal has different needs for the wax/grease to stick than a rusted piece of sheet metal in a real old crusty car, like in the test. I'm using either Fluid Film or Mike Sanders.
Can you get some kind of paint-oil? I used "Owatrol" oil, smells line seed based, to freshen up old under body coating before smearing new stuff on it a few days later. Probably similar oils can be found for treating wood paneling and stuff on ships.
That article is incredibly helpful, lots of good information in there. I think I'll probably go with the Mike Sanders as well, if I can find a US distributor near me. That's a really good idea re: freshening the undercoating as well. I'll see what I can scrounge up.
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