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I think your 92 likely has the same front brakes as mine. When I first resto-modded mine, I converted all 4 corners to Zimmerman rotors and a "medium aggressive" pad, like a PB Metal master or similar. I have just removed that front setup and upgraded to 302mm front rotors and later 850 calipers. One of the key improvements I discovered (via the web, not yet experience) is the AKEBONO pads (spelling suspect, not much coffee yet). The reviews on these are excellent; search and you'll see what I mean.

All that said, the early 9 series brakes leave a lot to be desired. Mine have always had normal function, but never impressed me; I'm expecting better performance with the upgrade. The 95+ vehicles in the 9 series family got a braking upgrade, which is claimed to significantly help (details in my build thread).

Since your vehicle is basically stock, I'd get new rotors (my Zimmermans are available) but the key thing will be the improved pads. Beyond that, you're going to spend much more $$ trying to improve the system. Are you sure your brake booster (servo) is working properly?
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