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8v are still cool, right?
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I made a 48 tooth tone ring for my Truetrac for eventual digital dash speedo and traction control information. The axle is getting rebuilt this Friday hopefully for installation this weekend.

I've attached the dxf and Solidworks model I made to waterjet it because I don't think they should sold for as much as they are and I like open source stuff. The intrepid user should be able to make their own or have a shop cut it out for them. To get a nice interference fit I rolled it a couple times in the sheet metal roller. It should be ok without rolling if you heat it up a little and cool the differential. For what it's worth, I pushed my tone ring on by hand with no heat and can pick up the whole differential by it, so when it's fully installed no welding to the diff will be required.
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1982 242 Turbo.

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