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Yeah, ****ty brown

Got a temporary permission again to drive the car, I couldn't wait!
Went on two trips with it, and as i count i put almost 500kms to this thing in this two day! Never missed a beat, nothing crapped itself and finally the speedo works too!
Bro checked the speedo pcb and we just swapped in a smaller resistor in the signal circuit on the pcb. Now it works flawlessly without any jumps or sudden stops.

By the way its a cop magnet in my hometown.... Again i was pulled over.
We saw two policemen standing right next to a mobil speed camera. We gently rolled by and i quickly checked mirrors... Saw both of them leaving the camera there and running towards their cop car...
But nothing serious happened, i told them this is the test drive as the car is just "finished".
At least we made it to the top at Csesznek:

Tires were kinda scary in the rain so i swapped to my buddy's set.

Went to Budapest too, met with narancs to bring the M90 output flange for future projects.
Saw bunch of cops today but nobody bat an eye on us.

It got real dirty from the pouring rain on the previous 3 trips, and initially i wasnt really a fan of these rims.

After a wash they look decent

But I'm still going to keep those 14" stockies.
1980 Brown 244 GL
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