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Driveshaft is back from the shop, shortened with the proper flange and new U joints. Aside from the hammering I did earlier, the only thing I had to do to get it to fit was chop some extra threads off of a bolt protruding through the trans tunnel. After that, I was able to set the height of my trans mount and weld it up. Finally, the entire drivetrain of the car is properly bolted to the body of the car. This bolt belongs to the passenger seat belt anchor, so be careful what you do with it. I could have done a better job measuring the length for the driveshaft and it ended up coming out a little short. It will be ok for now, though.

I also was able to modify the Volvo gas pedal to work with the Mark VIII throttle cable. I opened up the bent metal with a vice and various round things, then drilled a hole with a slit to work with the Mark VIII throttle cable. Then I reinforced it a little with some extra steel. The lengths actually work out perfectly! Not bad for such a low effort and low cost solution.

Then I realized something that I can't believe I didn't think of before. The Volvo shifter works opposite of what the 4R70W switch needs. So I thought hmm, I wonder if the Mark VIII shifter will fit? Turns out that after some trimming of the assembly and cutting of the Volvo body, yes, it will fit. I'm not sure exactly how at this time, but I'll figure something out. I'm actually quite ok with this because the Mark VIII shifter is cable driven and will hook directly up to the 4R70W with no trouble at all, so no need to make a linkage system. It's also a very nice shifter in general and has a great feel to it.

I also cut the front to make room for the Mark VIII radiator. Mounts to come next.

The next thing on my mind is exhaust. It's going to be quite tight and I plan on using catalytic converters. I was hoping I could have them coming right off the headers, but there simply won't be enough room. I'll have to have them sit under the car parallel to the ground. I've never fabricated an exhaust system before so this should be interesting. The plan is to use as much as I can off of the Mach 1 assembly I showed in one of the first posts and buy the rest. Upstream O2 only on each bank, catalytic converter on each bank, through to the H pipe, and then true dual heading all the way to the back through magnaflow mufflers. Maybe just a dual in dual out if I decide to plumb it that way. It's all up in the air at this point.


4.6 32V 240 Wagon

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