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Originally Posted by TestPoint View Post
Sincerely disappointed with the results of our friends in Oz's efforts to make this information available. If they cannot host the information they should share their efforts with the several that have volunteered to do so.
All the docs have been hosted for months, they're just not generally available to people outside of the archiving project, and they won't be until we finish marking them up. You're welcome to help, as is anyone else interested. It's been hard to get people to stay interested, I think they quickly realise that marking up a thousand odd documents is actually an enormous task and quit after doing 20 or so.

But we have hundreds in our spreadsheet currently, which is at least enough for me to create a generally accessible portal for accessing them.

It's not a trivial task, doing all this work, so again, save your disappointment and lend a hand, or don't.
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