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Originally Posted by roastyleg View Post
We put in something around the recommended weight, then I think we added Morreys to thicken it up.

It’s funny because when researching about the “upgrade” this is, no one ever mentions its downfalls lol
Ive been running a used M90 for 12 years....never a problem and shifts nicely. Replaced all seals before install, replaced nylon pivot ball/fork sleeve and replaced fluid with Genuine fluid slightly above max as recommended. Now has about 50k miles since install.
About to replace fluid with MT L in a few weeks when I drop the box for a RMS replacement. Will replace ball and nylon sleeve with new Genuine at same time.

Only issue I have ever had is difficult selection of reverse and first when over 35C in summer time after hard running.

Ps.....used a complete m90 diesel clutch kit rather than cobbled together 850 friction disk/ pressure plate with a 740 dogdish.
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