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Originally Posted by cosbySweater View Post
Updated the 80e to the new internal harness and all new solenoids, weighed the stock converter last night and it came in at 89 lbs while the new 10 inch single billet came in at 29. So 60lbs of rotating mass off the engine. That's huge!
Hot damn. Will this make it harsher on the diff and suspension? In other words does a heavier one provide more of a cushioning effect to the power delivery?
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I am actually the gentlest and kindest of souls, you know that...I wish peace and happiness to everybody
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Was a sandals-and-socks elbow-patch-cardigan-wearing bearded college-professor 10mph-under-the-limit-in-the-fast-lane typical Volvo buyer from 1993 really caring about some sort of limited edition numbering?
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