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hit "post" too soon. hang on a minute..

I took 2 sets of springs to Drew for testing. Both have been tested on my home-made rig.

1992 245 springs, one of the rears was lower than the other, possible changed to a sedan spring. I took the higher of the two.

Early (244?) IPD Sport Springs, borrowed from Mike Rausch.

IPD rear, waiting to be molested.

Waiting for the computer to get its head together.

Stuff to make things stiffer on the fly. Everything gets tested, and springs stick around the longest of any NASCAR team part.

IPD front on the right, fancy coilover stop spring on the left. That's what it rides on at high speed.

Gross adjustment slider clamp bolts

Talking smack to the program, telling it what it needs to do for us.

You have to put in measuring blocks to let the machine measure the height of the retainer/spacer the spring will sit on.

Like SO.

But IF you forget, (and it seems someone did) and hit it with a load instead of clicking the right "test", this might happen:

Test complete. But what does it mean? 150 lb/in for the rear, but wait. There's more!

Avg. pressure, including harmonics and cell noise and ****.

Next up, IPD front.

Test #2 complete, with Test #1 graph behind it. 146 lb/in. Might as well call that another 150.

Test #2 graph.

Front 245 time.

Poncy little 95 pounder.

The low start is due to the imperfect tail in the seat.

You could call this a 100 lb/in spring.

Rear 245 time.


Front and rear 245 overlaid.

IPD rear and stock wagon rear compared.

IPD front and 245 front compared.

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