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Originally Posted by petebee View Post
So I understand, it sounds like a car with old black IPD springs is undersprung at the front? Where are you testing these springs? I live in Mooresville right in the thick of Nascar

I have a 1990 240 Wagon with black IPDs and Bilstein HDs and the ride is not great.
Yes, I think the IPD black springs should be split up and the rear paired with stiffer fronts, the fronts paired with softer rears.

Drew's work is where we did the graphs. I stay with Drew near lake norman when I'm there.
I do a low-budget test here at work (high school auto tech shop) with a dial indicator and a scale. It comes pretty close.

Originally Posted by Mueller View Post
One of the coolest race shops I've ever had the pleasure of getting a private one-on-one tour of.

(Went to N.C. for a Fanuc class)

Mike, it would be nice to have a link in this thread or maybe a sticky of your other spring information for our cars.
Yep, it's an insanely nice shop (or set of shops).

I have some broken links in the stock car spring threads, and I haven't looked for towery's threads lately. He started using stock car springs in the rear, I stole his idea. He also did the pvc sleeves with coilover springs.
If I have time after the seniors leave next week, I'll put in some links.
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What does the inside of a 24 hour porn store smell like?
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Your mom.

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