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I have got the various details to this posted in several different places, so i figured i might as well put it all in one place, with some details, and a somewhat coherent timeline...

This is the story of how...

I got drafted to the DARK side…


It starts with my two buddies… Alden and Scott… Alden had a project 744TI that I had the pleasure of not only helping him pick up, and helping him work on, but also helping him find and tear apart a parts car for… Scott had had several Volvo wagons in the past, and he always seemed to enjoy them for reasons that I never understood…

Anyways, in January 2009, I stumbled upon a listing on craigslist for an n/a 85 244 with a M46 in was in a small town about 15 miles away, and Alden and I went to look at it twice… and I ended up buying it, figuring I could at least part it and make my money back, or sell it as a lemons car

The car had new brakes within the last 10,000 miles, new clutch within the last 15,000
A new cat within the last two years, new cap and rotor, new spark plugs, and a new oxygen sensor and recent tires, and a newer transmission mount

The owner was asking $300, with the condition that it was only sold with a bill of sale, as he couldn’t get it to pass smog… he thought that it was an injection computer, we were pretty sure it was something else, something simple, as it had passed smog the previous year without any problems … I ended up paying $250 for it…

This is what it looked like, very close to the first week I got it…


So, we dragged it back to my place, and did a few things, we tried a new thermostat, we tried a new computer, we rebuilt the wiring harness, we swapped coolant sensors (both of them), we did an oil change and a seafoam torture regime, and a new timing belt and it was still running pig rich… you could smell the raw fuel… anyways, after screwing around with it for a while, we decided to look at the oxygen sensor…

When we pulled it out, the globe was completely gone… it was trying to pump enough fuel to overcome that…

Anyways, after swapping oxygen sensors, it passed smog with almost zero emissions…

At this point, I had found a guy in town parting out a 76 245… so I snagged a few things
Flat hood
Light assemblies
Cam (B)

I swapped on the flat hood and lights and did an autocross on a set of borrowed 10 spokes (thanks Alden!)… it wasn’t anything spectacular, just an average 25 year old car, with average worn out suspension…but it was lots of fun…


It did another auto x


Then the B cam went in…

Transmission fluid got swapped with some B&M Trickshift

Somewhere in here, I bought a set of 25/25 sways from Ken, and the front made its way onto the car, ive still got to shoehorn the rear in…

I also bought a set of Nova wheels from Ken, traded them to Alden for the set of 10 spokes that I had borrowed before, and then I cleaned them, and continued on to destroy the tires... I believe that we removed the wear bars completely…


I installed a pioneer cd player and some speakers (stocks up front mazda 6 x9s in the back)



I painted the turn signal bezels chrome, converted the lights to use both filaments



I converted the car to the all black turbo trim


Eventually, I swapped back to steelies, cause ive got good tires for them…


I installed a set of yellow driving lights in the front bumper



I waxed the crap out of it (clay bar, polishing compound stages 1, 2 and wax) and removed the pinstriping...

Part way done :

Switched to a set of flat faced h4s, with 90/100 bulbs (with a ricer blue tinge)



Installed an oil pressure, volt gauge and vacuum gauge


I put some red L.E.D.s in the gauge cluster


I painted and installed a set of stock G.T. braces:


I also threw on a set of NAPA lifetime spark plug wires… cheap, but they will work for now…


We also removed all the exhaust except the catalytic converter and the resonator… made it a bit noisier, but it works for the mean time…

Oh, and I love to take pictures, so here are a bunch from assorted photoshoots:











new-ish alternator in the middle of February (somewhat recently rebuilt 70 amp)

Future Plans:

Suspension (HDs and an altitude drop)
Chassis and Strut Tower - Strut Tower Braces
New wiring harness (Engine at least)
Better seats (Im not sure what yet, but the stock buckets are starting to bother me…)
Short shift kit
Powdercoat the 10 spokes -- white
Sound deadening

Far Future Plans:
16 valve head
After market engine management
Relocate battery
-Black on Tan-
225, XXX Miles!
-B cam-
Single Rounds / Flathood

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